New fleet of cars carrying IBC containers and steel drums

New fleet of cars carrying IBC containers and steel drums

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Continuously implementing the DCR vision as a modern and environmentally friendly company we have decided to modernize the car fleet. As a result, two new truck sets have been purchased to replace worn out vehicles carrying IBCs and steel drums. The manufacturer of cars is DAF (, while the builder of curtain covers and trailers is our permanent partner – the company Gniotpol ( It can now be said that the compromise reached between payload and cargo space (limited by statutory external dimensions) is successful. We are still able to transport up to 60 pieces of IBC or 300 steel drums in one transport, while a significant change compared to previously used transport units is to increase the payload of new sets.

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The DMC of one truck set is 26 tons, which in practice means the ability to carry almost 15 tons of cargo. It makes us mostly independent of external transportation, allowing for the transport of larger number of steel drums, without the risk of overloading, or transporting steel containers. It is also very important to have low emissions. New engines meet Euro 6 standards. Our new trucks are even more ecological because they emit 80% less harmful nitrogen oxides than Euro 5 trucks. Currently, not only reconditioned IBC containers or steel drums contribute to greenhouse gases reduction, but also means of transport we carry them.